Clash of Clans: The most useful ideas

Safeguard in Clash of Clans

At the start you are only attacked by the computer, however you should develop a good defense strategy so that your collected gold does not break down in surroundings.
Defense devices: Do not build the defense systems straight against the outermost wall as they are attacked and destroyed immediately after a rip.
Several wall surfaces: Also valuable is the use of double wall surfaces, since two wall breakers are desired. However , you are able to usually find the money for this luxurious only in level eight.
Build firm: Especially in the start you should organize your properties so that as most of them as possible certainly are a defense system. A variety of buildings may be protected together. If you have a number of defenses later on, the small construction can be resolved.

Search for the attack

Not only defense is essential in Clash of Clans Hack . Likewise during the harm you should consider some things for the time being.
Information: Before going forward to an strike, you should check the number of methods your adversary has. In case the potential produce is rather toned, it is scarcely worth the effort of a siege, and it is only risk.
Security: Also check how strong your opposition is in security. Look carefully at the castle, look for poor spots, and appreciate the up grade status from the defenses, when you are up to the opposition at all.
Kin: Caution with opponents diagnosed with a clan castle. When it is too near to the Clanburg, it could possibly request assistance very quickly. Likewise the following retribution actions should not be under-rated.

The best wall structure building
If you can, not only build a double wall membrane, but make an effort to protect your buildings according to the box theory. Do not just build a wall structure around every building, but try to cover as many individual buildings as is feasible with your own surfaces. At first it is advisable to assemble a lot of buildings and then wall as a group.

The right layout of the buildings

To ensure that you usually do not suffer a lot of damage during an episode, the structures should be located correctly.
Outside the house: Place the construction, barracks, stockroom, laboratory and clan citadel outside the wall surfaces. These can become grasped devoid of further consequences and 1st steer away from the interior in the castle. Understand, however , the buildings could be reached through security facilities.
Mitte: The town hallway and the money warehouse ought to be as central as possible. You need to pay particular attention to the two of these buildings.
Inside: Around the town hall and the gold factory should follow the production structures and the security systems.

Get jewels

To get faster in the game the jewels are really important. You will find two ways to get this without money.
Hurdles: Again and again brand-new obstacles just like trees or rocks display on the map. Remove these types of, so in some cases jewels will be underneath. Undoubtedly, you will not work as a jeweler’s millionaire, but this can be a great way to obtain a few jewels.
Clans: Get into a effective clan. The very best three race regularly receive a certain quantity of jewels, which are then divided among all members.