Tips on how to hide the IP to surf the online world anonymously

Nowadays we have viewed how computer system security and privacy will be hot topics and repeated. After Edward cullen Snowden’s facts about PRISM, users’ concern about digital government espionage has grown significantly, which has triggered many to pick out to take preventive measures.

For , these options require hiding each of our IP address, for which we have several methods. It really is worth noting that they are not 100% reputable, since they only make hard for us in order to the network.

How can you conceal your IP address?

As we have already mentioned, there are several ways to hide our IP address within the Internet. In this way we will be able to anonymize the presence inside the network, reaching to mask the node from where we hook up, among other things.

On the net proxy computers, the easiest way

If you do not want to complicate a lot of with the settings of advanced connection methods on your computer, easy and simple is to use an online proxy server. In this way, it will be easy, on the one hand, to mask the IP address which makes the connection need and, on the other, to change the location from which an individual can connects. This can also be made by configuring a VPN connection, but we’ll talk about this kind of later.

An example of an online serwery proxy server is certainly Hidester, that features a very simple procedure. All you have to do is your URL of the web you want to check out through the service, and you can now browse anonymously. We advise that the encounter will be slow than applying more classic methods.

VPN connections

You will find two ways to work with VPN connections: configuring the operating system or through exts for the browser. Using an extension is incredibly easy: go to the browser add-ons page, down load the one that talks you, trigger it and you will be ready.

This, however , has a counterpart: these kinds of extensions are generally paid, and people that are cost-free are not secure, as previously demonstrated with Hello!.

You may configure a #link# interconnection on your computer you will have to enter the network configuration selection of your main system. You will have to establish a name for the network and provide a URL to use the Server. On the Net you will find one or two free very safe.

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