Monster Legends: Tips, tricks as well as cheats

The complying with are questions and answers for those that are brand-new to the game. Keep in mind that the video game remains in actual time, as long as they are not in the video game the time maintains occurring.

Exactly what is Monster Legends?

monster legends hub is a Facebook video game developed by Social Factor as well as released on May 9, 2013. It is still in advancement, ie in its alpha version.

The goal of the game is to increase monsters, integrate them together to obtain more and also much better beasts, and make them stronger. With them you can combat against other gamers in the sand or travel the 10 islands of the experience map.

What sources are there, just what are they utilized for and exactly how do they come about?


It is the major currency of the game. You need to buy most structures, designs, things, habitats (some improvements cost food) and also usual beasts. It can be gotten in numerous means: in habitats, selling things or monsters, in the everyday benefit, in the benefit of Mondays, finishing goals or achievements, cleaning up the islands, winning in the arena, and so on


Food Should feed the beasts and also improve some environments, food is mainly obtained by farming on farms. Various other ways to obtain it are: cleansing the islands, completing objectives, winning in the sand, presents from close friends, etc


Gems Special coin of the video game. It can be utilized to: speed up breeding, incubation and also building and construction; Acquire crossbreed monsters (whether occasional, uncommon or epic), buy gold or food, update the tower, acquire more worker’s hut and premium things, and so on. They can be gotten by cleaning up the islands, leveling up, finishing success and also some missions, on the day-to-day reward and also the incentive of Mondays and also, of course, purchasing them.

Experience Experience factors are the only way to level up in the game. Experience factors for structure or updating buildings, obtaining beasts, farming, completing missions and also success, and also obtaining a star on experience map degrees.

Just what is the market?

On the market you could obtain gold or added food with the help of your pals.

What is the Employee’s hut?

These are the workers’ residences. For each and every you get you obtain a brand-new worker, which are necessary to construct or boost buildings as well as habitats as well as to get rid of obstacles from the islands.

This building is acquired when starting to play. Right here the eggs of monsters are nurtured, which could then be sold or located in a Environment of the equivalent component with at least one free space. Originally has area for an egg, but can be boosted to fit more.